Contents Installation of the AC500 Control Builder

1 Contents of the CD of the Control Builder PS501 V2.x.x

1.1 The CD menu

1.2 Installation of Control Builder PS501

1.2.1 Installation of PS501 V2.x.x

1.2.2 Installation of Tools

1.2.3 Installation of PS501 V1.x

1.3 Deinstallation of the Software

2 Notes regarding the settings of the serial PC interface

2.1 Settings of the serial interface under Windows 2000

3 Installation of ARCNET cards

3.1 Overview of supported ARCNET cards

3.2 Installation of ARCNET cards under Win2000 / XP

3.2.1 SH ARC PCI - ARCNET card for PCI bus under Win2000 / XP

3.2.2 SH ARC PCMCIA - ARCNET-PCMCIA card under Win2000 / XP

3.2.3 SH FARC E3 [K] - ARCNET-Karte for ISA bus under Win2000 / XP

4 Index